Manduka BlackMat PRO Yoga Mat: The Greatest Yoga Mat Ever?

I first came accross this yoga mat after seeing how popular it was at my yoga class. 2 years on, I can confidentally say that the Manduka Blackmat Pro is one of the best yoga mats available, no question about it. I have owned many different types of yoga mats and this one is by far the most comfortable.

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Manduka BlackMat PRO Review

  • This mat is 71" long, making it a great purchase for anyone on the taller side.
  • It is very thick, a full 1/4" which makes it a very good on hard floors and those with knee, wrist or other joint concerns.
  • It's slip resistant and yet non-sticky

Manduka BlackMatPRO 71-Inch Yoga and Pilates MatThe Manduka Blackmat Pro is also a bit wider than standard size mats, ideal for practices where you need a little more room to move around on. The extra length is also good for folding the edge over for even more padding during poses where more cushioning is needed. The cushioning of this mat resists becoming flat and will bounce back after use.

The mat has two different sides, a normal "top" side and a bumpy "bottom" side. The bumps keep the mat from sliding, offering a far superior grip than other mats offer. For hot and Bikram classes, the very sturdy no-slip grip of the Manduka Blackmat Pro is perfect, it resists sweat and keeps the hands and feet in place.

I know alot of people really like this mat which is another reason I decided to review it. Here is one review:

Chrstine Roach "ceroach32" 

This Black Mat Pro is AWESOME!!! I've purchased the cheaper $15 – $20 mats in the past and there is a definite difference. This mat stays in place on the floor and does not bunch up. Also, I do not slide on it.

Not completely flawless though..

One common complaint I've heared is that the Manduka Blackmat Pro is a bit heavier than most mats (due to its extra thickness). It still weighs under 10 pounds though so really isn't too much of a problem. If you plan on travelling long distances with it I recommend investing in either a mat strap or larger bag to carry it.

The Manduka BlackMat PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat comes with a bit of a higher price tag, but its superior performance makes it worth the investment. It's extremely durable and is designed to last you your whole lifetime.

If you are interested in buying this yoga mat, I highly recommend you check it out on Amazon here.

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  1. Jane
    December 2nd, 2010 at 3:18 am

    I love the Manduka black mat. I got mine 4 years ago when it was called ulti-mat. Use it almost everyday and its still new.

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